A New Levitating Turntable Makes Records Float

February 26, 2021 - Tech

The all-new levitating turntable named Levi makes your records appear to float in the air. Seoul-based designers Jihyo Seo and Jimin Hwang are the two creators of this product. Simply put, electromagnetic drives and coils are what allow the turntable to produce a floating effect on the record.

This concept was inspired by Harman Kardon, a company that specializes in audio equipment. Furthermore, the levitating turntable features four different listening modes: soothing, refreshing, sweet, and bittersweet. Each of these modes adjusts the height of the platter, making the Levi a great tool for vinyl enthusiasts. Depending on the mode chosen, the platter moves up and down with the rhythmic music notes. In addition to that, it offers a chick dial to move between 12 rpm or 17 rpm.


Initially inspired by Apple’s designs according to the designers, the device has a white base and interchangeable arms available in four different colors. The means behind the levitating turntable is to enhance the visual aspect of listening to music.

To summarize, this is an interesting way of combining the nostalgia or passion behind vinylrecords and the technology of today. There is no timetable for the release of Levi, as the product is not in the production phase yet. You can check the levitating turntable in the video below.

Article taken from: www.edmtunes.com

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