February 28, 2021 - Tech

Denon DJ has updated their Engine OS platform to version 1.6, bringing with it a host of new features including Dropbox integration, after a public beta that began in September. That means, DJs can access their own personal Dropbox folders, and the music files stored there, directly from the hardware, without the need for a computer. 

Version 1.6 also brings with it stacked waveforms for visually mixing both layers of a single deck on Denon DJ’s flagship SC6000 hardware, as well as flexible beat grids for analysing non-linear music. It also adds streaming from open-format DJ service Beatsource. You can also import both static and dynamic grid analysis from Serato and rekordbox, so you don’t need to re-analyse tracks, or re-adjust any manual grids. 

The new update also makes Engine Prime compatible with Apple macOS Big Sur. 

Dropbox integration is a long-awaited feature request from across the DJ spectrum – while Beatport LINK launched around 18 months ago, users were still crying out for a way to stream their own library. Engine OS doesn’t stream in real-time, however – once Dropbox is sync’d with the device, it downloads the files to the player before you can play them. Denon DJ says this is the best way to ensure reliable playback. Analysis and any cue points will remain when downloaded from Dropbox. Watch the video below for more on how it works. Find out more about version 1.6 here

Article taken from: www.djmag.com

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