Instagram Adds New ‘Recently Deleted” Feature

March 4, 2021 - Tech

Instagram is introducing a new feature that will allow deleted content to be retrieved once again. Users will be able to review deleted photos, reels, videos, IGTV videos, and stories and restore them.

The popular social media platform is adding this feature to help fight against account hacks that have led to the deletion of content. As a safety precaution, they will begin requiring users to confirm they are the account owners through text or email to access the folder.


Deleted posts will remain in a folder for no more than 30 days before they are completely erased. However, stories will only stay in the folder for 24 hours before they are automatically removed.
Instagram already has a feature that allows users to archive content without actually deleting them. Regardless, everyone has had their shared moments of deleting content that they later regret. Therefore, the social media platform seems to be making strides to assure that users keep their posts up whenever necessary.

Article taken from: www.edmtunes.com

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