Instagram Tests Limiting Number Of Stories Per Day

May 26, 2022 - News

Instagram is testing out a new layout for stories which will limit the amount that followers can view in a single day. As of now, a creator can post up to 100 stories at once, in a 24-hour cycle. When the new layout is implemented across the app, a creator can still post 100 stories, but only three will be available for viewing at a time by followers. 

This is meant to hide excessive posting and allow users to see more content from different users when scrolling stories. Stories were introduced to the app a few years ago with much success, revitalizing and changing the app forever. 


The new feature is being tested out in Brazil. And has received mixed reviews. Users must now select a “show all” button to make all of the stories available for view. This is yet another slight against creators in the app, as more and more individuals move toward TikTok where compensation for content creators is the best in the market.

Article taken from: www.edmtunes.com

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