Armin van Buuren, AVIRA & Chicane Join Together For ‘Offshore’

May 31, 2022 - News

Following the release of some highly epic works such as ‘Hollow‘, ‘Illusion‘, and ‘Sirius‘, trance legend Armin van Buuren teams up with AVIRA again to present a track on the ASOT 2022 compilation. This time there is a third collaborator, Chicane, to present their most recent remake of the legendary ‘Offshore‘ track, which manages to captivate even more of those who loved this song before.

When we saw their names in one song, many trance lovers were excited about what we could get. Furthermore, we noticed the making of a remake of the Balearic trance legend’s most known themes. When we got to hear it at A State of Trance 2022, it lived up to many expectations, even more so with AVIRA in attendance. At this time we have the individual single for total enjoyment.

‘Offshore’ takes listeners for a venturous dive into their intake of trance as it meets deep melodic house and techno. This time, complementing the Balearic sound of Chicane, giving the track a more chill feel. We see AVIRA’s characteristic progressive style combined with elements more typical of Chicane’s beachy sound, which gives the track a euphoric touch.

The single possesses the energy of a club, but without needing a dance floor. Those familiar with the ambient pieces by AVIRA or Chicane will be no stranger to the comforting sounds gushing through all ‘Offshore’. In summary, it’s an excellent option for techno-trance-progressive and melodic vibes.

You can listen to Armin van Buuren & AVIRA – ‘Offshore’ below!

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