Urbanista announces new solar-charging headphones

January 16, 2024 - News

Scandinavian audio company Urbanista has updated its solar-powered headphone range to add extra noise-cancelling and new power-efficient components. The wireless in-ear Phoenix range and the wireless over-ear Los Angeles range are both charged using UV rays from the sun, via a solar-powered case. The case doesn’t require direct sunlight to charge, thanks to the Powerfoyle technology. 

Urbanista state that the wireless buds can hold eight hours on a single charge, with 32 total hours combined with a fully charged case. They feature traditional charging via USB-C, have Bluetooth 5.2, and are IPX4 waterproof — which means they’ll be OK with light rain or sweat but nothing more. Meanwhile, the over-ear options feature a solar-powered band across the top of the head to catch the sun’s rays while in use. The company say the cans can recharge even using ambient indoor light.

The new version has added a 3.5mm jack for when you want to use wired listening, and they’ve also added on-ear detection. Both models have had their internal components updated to be more power efficient, further improving the solar-charging capabilities. 

The new version of the over-ear LA headphones costs $194, while the Phoenix wireless earbuds come in at $97. 

Solar charging is another step towards creating a viable sustainable music industry. Another initiative in 2022 looked at powering clubs using kinetic energy from the dancefloor.

Article taken from: www.djmag.com

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