TAP @ Social Gathering Extravaganza Radio! Every Tuesday from 9 pm!

February 2, 2021 - News

Sharing a common passion for creating new sounds and musical indulgences,Patrascu and Tino Kanhoush teamed up under the name of TAP.
Although TAP is a young musical project, the up and running dynamic duo have a solid experience for over 20 years in electronic music, which allows them to experience unknown dark sounds, pleasing to their ears.
Here is added their vast experience as booking agents and taking part in organizing huge summer festivals and underground parties, and running two of the most well-known Romanian party concepts: Blue Balloon and defect.
TAP has developed a natural and professional balance between dj-ing, creating party concepts and releasing records. TAP productions continues to grow by exploring different aspects of techno and micro house, expressing their passion for electronic music that evolved to tech house, deep house, micro house and techno, to which they remained faithful.
We’ll met with them every Tuesday for 2 hours!  From 9 pm @ Social Gathering. 
Their show will have a special guest every week from 10pm.

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