Could Daft Punk Appear In Splatoon 3?

March 25, 2021 - News

Even after Daft Punk splits, they’re still getting featured. Now it could be a Nintendovideo game. HazardxGM posted about the new Splatoon 3 advertisement on Twitter. They showed pages from a Japanese magazine, CoroCoro, detailing some highlights from the game.

The 3rd person shooter game just got a little more interesting. These rumors have certainly stirred up the community. In the first photo, we see a room with the signature ink splats and an Inkling on the lookout in battle. To the bottom left is a poster that says Daft Punk Airlines with two figures wearing the iconic helmets. Is this meant to be an homage, a teaser to in-game music, or a trick? Well, any news of Tom and Guy-Manual will spark our interest, right?


Upon further investigation on the subject, I came across an article on Nintendo Life’swebsite. They’ve busted the rumors. Turns out CoroCoro created the image themselves and it is not an official piece of marketing from Nintendo. User ForkBallMono stated on Twitter the following:

So, it looks like they’ve tugged on our heartstrings once again. But we can appreciate the tribute. The game is getting some new updates that players can enjoy. They have added dynamic new moves, new weapons, and new stages. There will be new entry moves, the Splatlands, new styles for Inklings and Octolings, and 4v4 Turf wars. Based on the rest of the photos, the desert environment looks interesting to play on. Moreover, Nintendo confirmed that the 3rd edition of the game releases in 2022. 

Until the next Daft Punk rumor arises, folks!

Article taken from: www.djmag.com

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