March 31, 2021 - News

Pioneer DJ has launched a new series of near-field DJ and studio monitors, the VM range. The VM comes in three sizes: five-inch cone, seven-inch cone and eight-inch cone and all three sizes come with DSP technology to ‘tune’ the speaker to the space that they’re placed in. They’re designed to be used for both DJ monitoring at home when either practising, preparing your set and live streaming – where the speakers can be tuned to have more of a ‘hyped’ sound – and for use in the studio where you can switch the frequency response back to flat. There are 16 total settings across both speakers, with four options on each, changed using the indented rotary on the back of each speaker. 

The speakers use Aramid fibre cones and what Pioneer DJ is calling a ‘Vortex Bass Accelerator’ which is essentially a bass port round back with ridges to evenly distribute any bass vibrations. That means that when placed very near a wall, you’ll probably want to use the DSP to reduce the bass slightly. 

The speakers feature a new design compared to their predecessors with a ‘Constant Directivity Horn’ that allows for a wider sound stage and more even distribution of high and mid frequencies. The five-inch speakers roll down to 40Hz, while the sevens to 37Hz and the eights to 34Hz. 

Price points are encouraging for new and intermediate producers and DJs with the fives coming in at £318 per pair, £438 for the sevens and £538 for a pair of eights. 

Find out more about the VM range here.

Article taken from: www.djmag.com

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