Claude Vonstroke & his show Birdhouse presents episode 300!

July 22, 2021 - News

It is just to say that tomorrow is a very special day for Claude VonStroke and Birdhouse, as tomorrow marks the 300th episode of The Birdhouse radio show. I have attached below some special artwork and a message from Claude himself.

I have been producing the Birdhouse Radio Show now for almost 6 years and today I’m proud to announce episode 300!! Just like any 6 year relationship I have had my ups and downs, hits and misses – but overall I’m so grateful to be part of this independent underground dance music community. Every week I get to showcase whatever I want to anyone who will listen and I consider it a privilege to be able to do it. So much thanks to the hundreds of guests and amazing Djs who have been on the show. Also big ups to the co-hosts/producers I’ve had over the years like Nate Donmeyer and Wyatt Marshall. Also many thanks to Distorted for syndicating the show worldwide. Here’s to another 300 episodes! – Claude VonStroke

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