[WATCH] Tomorrowland Around the World 2021 Official Aftermovie

August 10, 2021 - News

Journey back to Pāpiliōnem and relive the most magical moments of Tomorrowland‘s Around The World digital festival. The official 2021 after movie is available on Youtube now. Music featured by Nicky Romero & Teamworx, Never Sleeps & Afrojack, Mind Against, Layton Giordani, and more.

It opens with the digital stage, lights gleaming like a circus. Secondly, virtual crowds jump at the bottom holding their country flags. You hear cheers upon cheers as the artists appear on their designated stages. Thirdly, set atop some of the most unique digital stages, the experience seemed truly magical. For a pandemic to hit the industry hard, Tomorrowland hit it back even harder with an unforgettable experience. What’s more, is fireworks ignite the sky, and screams roar throughout the video. Moreover, as the music plays, emotions run high as you relive the moments.


In addition, stunning visuals fade in and out while transitioning from one to the next. The flowery stages and lights move to the music, as you watch your favorite artists rock out on stage. In this video, it’s one moment and one heart, with one love for music. The tracklist fits the after movie quite well, harnessing the energy of the festival and emotion of the year. As Charlotte de Witte pan into view, the tempo switches to underground and that hard-hitting energy feels you up again.

Similarly, performers swing their acrobatics into the air as the mood switches into hardstyle. The crowd is surrounded on three sides by a giant visualizer screen and the night ends. Coming to an end, the movie fades into white and accomplishes its mission of uniting people all around the world. They thank everyone for securing their heartbeat and sharing their passion for music. The event could not have been done without their outstanding team. One day, the world will unite again in person.

For now, live today, love tomorrow, and unite forever.

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