Apple Reveals Surprising AirPods 3 Feature

August 19, 2021 - News

Just the other week, there were some more rumors that began swirling the internet regarding the next iPhone coming from Apple. And now, over the weekend, Forbesreleased an article with some new details regarding the third generation of AirPods. Back in May, Bloomburg announced that an upgraded version of the very popular earphones is set to release in 2021. According to the article, the new AirPods (AirPods 3) are going to have one snazzy new feature.

Noticed by MyHealthyApple, the author highlights that Apple recently posted an article titled. It is titled, “Estimating Respiratory Rate From Breath Audio Obtained Through Wearable Microphones”. Luckily, Forbes breaks down the science for us.


Essentially, it shows that in-ear headphones can now estimate respiratory rate from the sound your breath makes. “Respiratory rate (RR) is a clinical metric used to assess overall health and physical fitness. This work investigates a model-driven approach to estimate RR from short audio segments obtained after physical exertion in healthy adults. Data collected from 21 individuals using microphone enabled, near-field headphones before, during, and after strenuous exercise, RR was manually annotated by counting perceived inhalations and exhalations.”

But what does that all mean? So, it means it can offer a cost-effective method to track disease progression and cardio-respiratory fitness over time. It can all help with tracking your current physical state and then some! We’ll have to wait for more details to emerge. Fall time seems to be a very popular time for Apple so we’ll see.

Lastly, another version of the AirPods Pro is slated for 2022! Hopefully more information about those will be released soon.

Article taken from: www.edmtunes.com

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