Martin Garrix Releases Progressive House Anthem ‘Won’t Let You Go’

December 13, 2021 - News

Martin Garrix has come back to his signature sound. In a collaboration with Matisse & Sadko,Won’t Let You Go’ is primed for the big stage. Teased during the artist’s Summer shows, the Progressive House Anthem will make you feel like it’s festival season. Vocals by John Martin add huge energy sending our hands in the air.

‘Won’t Let You Go’ begins with John Martin’s dreamy vocals. Big chords work their way in as the energy begins to rise. The build-up hints at almost a different track in a way. I wonder if a Club Version of this track is on its way? Regardless of how primed this track is for remixes, the original has massive energy. I already see it working its wonders at Tomorrowland. I am excited to see what the other STMPD artists can do with this one.


This is not the first time these artists have come together. Martin Garrix and Matisse & Sadko first collaborated on mega-hit ‘Together’ in 2016. In 2019, they came together again for ‘Hold On.’ This new track channels the same emotional vibes as their past work. Of course, Martin has worked with John Martin when they released much anticipated Higher Ground.’ That track shined a bright spot in the darkness that was 2020.

Make sure to check out ‘Won’t Let You Go’ below!

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