February 18, 2022 - News

Waves Audio has announced a new sampler plugin called CR8 Creative Sampler. The plugin is designed to quickly tweak and shape samples and features a long list of tools designed to put your sonic stamp on your music. 

The plugin features up to eight layers of samples, which can be triggered at the same time or split across your keyboard, five different time-stretching algorithms including Beats, Voice and Harmonic, in order to avoid artefacts as you manipulate your file. 

There’s key and BPM analysis too, which can automatically stretch and pitch shift your sample to fit into the key and timing of your current project. There are all the usual shaping tools you’d expect with a sampler, including ADSR, LFOs and sequence modulation with drag-and-drop control, filters with drive control, an internal mixer for controlling the volume of your layered sounds and more. Find out more about CR8 here

It also integrates with a new free plugin from Waves called COSMOS – an AI-driven sample finder. If you find yourself with folders full of samples that are unlabelled and hard to find, COSMOS analyses your folders and pairs sounds together using AI tagging. It then lets you search using tags like ‘bright’, ‘bassy’, ‘airy’, ‘saturated’ etc etc, and COSMOS will find your sound even if it was never labelled with that term. It also comes with 2,500 free samples. 

Find out more about COSMOS here

COSMOS is a free download while CR8 Creative Sampler costs $9.99 for a limited time, after which it’ll cost $34.99.

Article taken from: www.djmag.com

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