June 2, 2022 - News

Playtime Engineering has unveiled two new music makers for kids.

The easy-to-use SK2 synthesizer and the myTRACKS production groovestation have been added to the US-based company’s Blipbox line of production tools designed for children.

Furnished with a built-in microphone for sampling and two FX processors, the five-track groovestation is akin to an MPC, comprising of a grid of playpads that trigger 48 real instrument sounds (acoustic, electronic and percussive). You can connect myTracks to a computer via USB-C and download new sound sets, including hip-hop and EDM.

Aimed at children aged between eight and 14, the SK2 synth comes loaded with 400 built-in melodies, including chiptune and classical music, as well as 16 oscillator schemes and stereo multi-tap delay. It is also fitted with a set of pitch-shifting drum samples and fun LED lights that flash in sync with the music. The synth supports MIDI In, 6.35mm audio out.

The Blipbox SK2 will be available in November 2022 at a price of $199 (£158) and the Blipbox myTracks will be available in early 2023 at a price of $249 (£198). Check out demo videos for each item below and find out more on the Playtime Engineering site.

Article taken from: www.djmag.com

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